It is an essential tool that is used to mix liquids that have different densities by shaking, and the aim is also to bring the temperature down and to incorporate vital dilution to the final result. It is preferred metal as a material for the shaker because it has a lower temperature compared to that of glass. So, the thermal mass is excellent and as they are also lighter, they need less energy to cool the drinks and you have also more control for the dilution; plus, they also have a longer-term duration. They come in different sizes and shapes. Here are the most common examples:

  • Boston Shaker consisting of two pieces, the bottom is metal, and the top can be glass or metal.

  • The Cobbler Shaker: also known as the three-piece shaker and the great aspect is that has a strainer incorporated. When used correctly with the shaking technique with the cobbler, the result is a magnificent show to see, plus positive effects on the cocktail.

  • The French Shaker also known as Parisienne, consists of a two-piece shaker with a metal bottom and a metal cap. The mixing glass is a glass-like container, used together with a bar spoon and a strainer for the preparation of cocktails with the stir & strain technique. The mixing glass allows you to cool the drinks without watering them down. It is suitable for mixing those cocktails which, containing particularly delicate ingredients such as distilled spirits, wines, and liqueurs (defined in jargon ‘clear‘) that must be simply mixed and not shaken with the shaker.

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