Prohibited & Restricted Items

For a variety of reasons, we prohibit certain types of items from Some items present legal risks to our community; others are inconsistent with our values, are harmful to our members, or simply are not in the spirit of This policy explains what is prohibited or restricted on
We have a zero-tolerance policy for prohibited items particularly those that promote, support or glorify hatred, those that promote, support or glorify violence, or are unlawful.
Sellers deemed to violate this policy can be subject to immediate account suspension or termination, in accordance with our Terms of Use.
This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By opening an shop, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use. If has reason to believe you, your content, or your use of the Services violate our Terms, we may deactivate your content to some or all buyers or suspend or terminate your account (and any account determines is related to your account) and your access to the Services. Generally, will notify you that your content or account has been suspended or terminated, unless you’ve repeatedly violated our Terms or we have legal or regulatory reasons preventing us from notifying you.

Policy decisions are complex. We consider many different and often divergent factors before coming to a decision about what is best for our community.
When buying and selling, you should comply with your local laws and be aware that other countries may have their own restrictions. You might be prohibited from exporting or importing certain items under international laws and regulations. Some items may require licences, permits, or other documentation. If you have questions about how to comply with the law, we recommend that you speak to a qualified professional.

Please be aware that there are many brands restricts. The reasons range from their exclusive agreements with these brands to a huge number of counterfeits.
Contact us to find out which brands are restricted on

We hope these guidelines are helpful, but we can’t catalogue every permitted or prohibited item. If you see something on that appears to violate these rules, you can report it to us. To report copyright or intellectual property infringement, please contact us as soon as possible.

The following categories includes the items and services that are prohibited or restricted on

1. Adult, Nudity & Illegal Explicit Content Policy
2. Aerosol Paint Policy
3. Alcohol Policy
4. Animal Traps Policy
5. Animals & Animal-Related Products Policy
6. Archives Policy
7. Artefacts, Cultural Heritage Items and Cave Formations Policy
8. Bullion Policy
9. Chance and Mistery Listings Policy
10. Children’s Clothing Policy
11. Clothing – Used Policy
12. Cosmetics & Skin/Hair Care Policy
13. Counterfeit Item Policy
14. Credit / Debit Cards Policy
15. Currency, Collectable Currency, Coins, Cash Equivalents, and Gift Cards, Replica Currency Policy
16. Dietary Supplements Policy
17. Disaster and Tragedy Policy
18. Electronic Equipment Policy
19. Electronic Products and Services Policy
20. Embargoed Goods Policy
21. Emissions Control Defeat Devices Policy
22. Event Tickets Policy
23. Fertiliser and Pesticides Policy
24. Food Policy
25. Funeral Items Policy
26. Gambling & Lottery Policy
27. Government Items Policy
28. Hazardous Materials Policy
29. Human Body Parts Policy
30. Illegal Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia Policy.
31. Intangible Items Policy
32. Jewellery, Gold & Precious Gems Policy
33. Knife Policy
34. Laser Policy
35. Live Animals Policy
36. Lockpicking Devices Policy
37. “Made In…” Policy
38. Materials Encouraging Illegal Activity Policy
39. Medical Devices and Accessories Policy
40. Military Items Policy
41. Music and DVD Policy
42. Native American Product Policy
43. Offensive Materials Policy
44. Perfume Policy
45. Personal Information Policy
46. Plants and Seeds Policy
47. Police-Related Items Policy
48. Postage Meters Policy
49. Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drugs Policy
50. Protecting Minors Policy
51. Recalled Items Policy
52. Recycling Electronics Policy
53. Refrigerants: Ozone-Depleting Substances and Substitutes
54. Replacement Water Filters for Refrigerators Native American Product Policy
55. Replica, Toy, And Prop Firearms Policy
56. Services Policy
57. Slot Machines Policy
58. Social Media and Reviews Manipulation Policy
59. Stamps Policy
60. Stocks and Securities Policy
61. Stolen Property Policy
62. Strong Magnets and Magnet Sets Policy
63. Subscriptions and Periodicals Policy
64. Surveillance Equipment Policy
65. Titles Policy
66. Tobacco and E-Cigarettes Policy
67. Travel Policy
68. Vehicle, Parts and Accessories Policy
69. Virtual Currency Policy
70. Vouchers Policy
71. Watches Policy
72. Weapons, Firearms and Accessory Policy
73. Window Coverings Policy

Adult, Nudity & Illegal Explicit Content Policy
Most adult items are subject to some form of restriction or prohibition. We’ll review the content of the listing description, images, and categories, to determine if an item is allowed.
Sexually-oriented adult material is not allowed. This includes the following:
• Adult films and video games with a rating of X, XXX, R18, or unrated for an adults-only audience
• Adult magazines, books, comics, nudist publications, or adult anime/manga that include sexually-explicit content, nudity, or sexual stories
• Listings containing nudity (other than nude art). defines nudity as male/female genitalia, anus, or female breasts where the areola or nipple is visible
• Sex toys and sex accessories cannot be listed.
• Services implying sexual or adult activity
• Amateur or hidden camera content not produced by a legitimate studio where all actors were compensated for their performances
• Digitally delivered adult content
• Memberships for adults only clubs/establishments
• We never allow any listings that include material or items depicting or describing child pornography, whether real or fictionalised
• We never allow any listings that include material or items depicting or describing bestiality, torture, snuff films, necrophilia, rape, scat, incest, or other illegal or obscene content, whether real or fictionalised
• “Stripper” or dancing poles
• Escort services, adult dating, sex toys and merchandise.

Aerosol Paint Policy
Aerosol paint items are not allowed for sale on

Alcohol Policy
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be sold and that includes also:
• Alcohol recovery or hangover cures or treatments.
• Alcohol: products intended to disguise or conceal alcohol.
• Anti-radiation products (including electromagnetic field protection and radiation neutralising or shielding products).
• Collectable alcohol containers may be sold but must be empty.

Animal Traps Policy
Bear traps and certain leghold traps can’t be sold on
The only traps allowed are:
• Fish traps
• Trap cages
• Mousetraps
• Other non-cruel traps (Humane traps)
• Glue traps intended for insects are allowed to be listed on the site however glue traps intended for animals such as rats or mice are not permitted
All other traps not listed above are not allowed.

Animals & Animal-Related Products Policy
Sellers can list certain animal and wildlife products on such as faux or reproductions of animal products. However, it is up to the seller to check whether selling or shipping these items requires a licence, permit, or other paperwork. is committed to animal welfare and the protection of native, endangered, and threatened species, so products from endangered or protected species can’t be listed.

The following are examples of animal products cannot be sold on
• Live animals.
• Items created using any endangered or threatened animal species. We define these as animal species designated as threatened or endangered by the US Endangered Species Act or listed in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
• Items made from cat and dog parts or pelts.
• Ivory or bones from ivory-producing animals, including tusks, elk ivory, fossilised ivory and woolly mammoth ivory.
• Items made from human remains or products from the human body, except for teeth, fingernails, and hair.

Examples of What is Allowed:
• non-ivory animal bones and antlers
• dry insects, crickets

Archives Policy
The sale of public records documents is illegal on Restriction on selling these items is based on various laws including:
• Public Record Act
• Manorial Documents Rules
• Tithe Rules
• Parochial Records and Registers Measure
• Local Government Act
• Data Protection Act
• Additional information

Artefacts, Cultural Heritage Items and Cave Formations Policy
Artefacts and cave formations can have significant cultural value and may be legally protected.
The following items can’t be sold on :
• Tainted cultural goods illegally excavated or removed after 30 December 2003 (UK’s Dealing in Cultural Object (Offences) Act 2003)
• Looted or stolen goods. See the INTERPOL Stolen Works of Art Database as well as the International Council of Museums Red Lists Database, which identifies categories of cultural goods most vulnerable to illicit traffic
• Any cultural heritage items

For more information on illicit traffic of cultural heritage items, please visit the UNESCO Database of National Cultural Heritage Laws
As part of the fight against the traffic of stolen works of art, INTERPOL encourages not only police, but also art and antiques dealers, owners of works of art and the general public to play an active role in the exchange of information about stolen works of art
INTERPOL ID-Art mobile app enables users to identify stolen cultural property and to get mobile access to the INTERPOL Stolen Works of Art Database
You can find more information and resources on the Cultural Heritage Crime section of the INTERPOL website

Bullion Policy
Replica or counterfeit bullion can’t be sold on Listings for all other bullion must follow our policy.
• Replica, counterfeit, plated or clad bullion, including items described as German silver or nickel silver, can’t be sold on
• Listings must accurately describe the precious metal weight content, purity (fineness) and brand (refiner or mint) of the bullion item being sold
• Listings must include a photo of both sides of the actual coin, bar, or other bullion item being sold
• If the bullion item includes an assay card or certificate of authenticity (COA), the listing must include a picture of the COA and an accurate description of the packaging

Chance and Mystery Listings Policy
Mystery items or listings that offer an opportunity to win an item by chance or contest are not allowed on Listings for grab bags are only allowed if they follow our policy.
Giveaways and contests are strictly regulated, so we don’t allow listings that sell a chance to win a prize.

Children’s Clothing Policy
All children below 18 years old, lower and upper body clothing is strictly prohibited for sale.

Clothing – Used Policy
The sale of used clothing is strictly prohibited on
Health and hygiene is one of our top priorities and we have a used clothing policy so buyers can be confident they’ll get clean, stain-free items when they buy on

Cosmetics & Skin/Hair Care Policy
The sale of cosmetics, sponges, or applicators are not allowed. This includes products such as:
skin moisturisers, sunscreens, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, eye and facial makeup preparations, shampoos, permanent waves, hair colours, toothpastes, and deodorants, cosmetic brushes.

Counterfeit Item Policy
We don’t allow counterfeit items or unauthorised copies to be listed on
Items sold using a brand name or a brand logo must be original and made by the brand or manufactured on their behalf.
Listings need to follow these guidelines:
• Take original photos that are large and clear, showing multiple angles and all details
• Do not hide or blur logos or any parts of the item
• Do not list an item if you are not certain it is authentic or if an authenticator has been unable to confirm its authenticity

Credit / Debit Cards Policy
The sale of credit cards, debit cards, and money orders is restricted or not allowed on

Currency, Collectable Currency, Coins, Cash Equivalents, And Gift Cards, Replica Currency Policy
Currency, collectable currency, Coins, Cash Equivalents, Gift Cards, replica currency and counterfeit currency are not allowed.
Only one-sided replica paper currency that follows these rules can be listed:
• Size is less than 75% or greater than 150% of the genuine currency
• The listing includes a photo of the actual replica paper currency being sold
• The listing includes the word “replica” in the title and description

Dietary Supplements Policy
Fat burners, fat freezers, at blockers muscle grow and any similar products are not allowed to be sold on

Disaster and Tragedy Policy
Showing respect and sensitivity to our global community of members is very important to us. We don’t allow members to sell items that are hurtful to the victims of tragic events such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters.
Listings or items that portray, glorify, or attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering, or that are insensitive to victims of such events, are not allowed for sale on

Electronic Equipment Policy
The selling of equipment that is prohibited by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is not permitted.
To comply with regulations and to protect the safety and privacy of our members, there are restrictions around the sale of electrical and electronic equipment.
The following types of electronic equipment are not allowed:
• Cell phone, GPS radar and other signal jamming devices
• Electronic surveillance equipment
• Traffic light control devices
• Satellite, cable TV and digital decoders
• CB radios in 26.1-28MHz frequency
• Odometer modification devices
• FM modulators
• Cordless telephones below 853MHz
• Videosenders in the frequency 470-854MHz
• Radar detectors with shipping to Ireland
• Electrical equipment that does not comply with the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU
• Devices that fail to meet the Plugs and Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994
• Cameras, recorders, or other similar devices can be listed as long as the description doesn’t encourage their use for illegal purposes.

Electronic Products and Services
Due to the nature of electronically delivered goods, extra care needs to be taken to prevent intellectual property infringement and minimise risks for buyers.
Electronically delivered items that are not allowed, include:
• Digital copies or codes of movies that were included as part of purchasing a physical movie item.
• Tickets
• Domain names
• Digital trading cards
• Online gaming virtual items
• Nfts (Non-fungible tokens)
• Software

Embargoed Goods Policy
Sellers can’t list embargoed goods or pre-embargoed goods from these countries or regions:
• Cuba
• Crimea, Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) and Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) regions of Ukraine (as defined under applicable sanctions)
• Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)
• Iran
• Syria
Organisations, businesses, or individuals based in the countries listed above, or those on the United States’ Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) list can’t register accounts on .
Items that aren’t from Cuba, but are Cuban style, such as “Cuban Style Glassware” are allowed.

Emissions Control Defeat Devices Policy
Listings for products that violate applicable law by bypassing, defeating or rendering inoperative emission-control systems aren’t allowed, either on their own or when combined with other hardware or software.

Event Tickets Policy
Event tickets such as concert, festival, sports, theatre and comedy, cinema, experiences or theme parks, charity or free events are prohibited on

Fertiliser and Pesticides Policy
We take great care to protect the health and safety of our members. This policy reflects our commitment to user safety by strictly adhering to government regulations on the sale and transportation of dangerous goods.
All pesticide and fertiliser products are not allowed on

Food Policy
The sale of food, aliments, ingredients is not allowed on

Funeral Items Policy
We don’t allow the sale of funeral items such as headstones, markers, or urns, burial plots, caskets, gravestones, tombstones on the

Gambling & Lottery Policy
Gambling, lottery tickets, game pieces, and codes and coupons for sweepstakes, raffles, drawings or similar items we don’t allow them to be listed on .

Government Items Policy
Government and transit documents and uniforms, government IDs and licenses and accessories such as hats, pins and scarves, shipping company property such as vehicles, license plates, keys for vehicles, postbags, company decals and transit documents are banned items from

Hazardous Materials Policy
Hazardous materials such as poisons, explosive precursors, ozone depleting substances, radioactive materials and items that contain or release such substances are prohibited on .
We take great care to protect the health and safety of our members. Our hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials policy reflects this commitment to user safety by strictly adhering to government regulations on the transportation of dangerous goods.

The following are not allowed:
• Poisons and carcinogenic substances
• Dinitrophenol (DNP) in any of its forms, either as a pure substance or active ingredient of any product (such as weight-loss supplements)
• Fire extinguishers that contain carbon tetrachloride
• Non-government-approved refrigerants
• Radioactive materials
• Corrosive substances and products containing such substances
• Combustible materials like black powder, caps for toy guns, explosive fuses, fireworks, exploding targets, flares, flash paper, red phosphorous, gasoline, thermite
• Explosives precursors including :
• Acetone – C₃H₆O
• Aluminium powder
• Ammonium nitrate – NH₄NO₃
• Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN)
• Calcium nitrate – Ca(NO₃)₂
• Hexamine (methenamine) – (CH₂)₆N₄
• Hydrogen peroxide – H₂O₂
• Powdered magnesium
• Magnesium nitrate hexahydrate – Mg(NO₃)₂
• Nitric acid (aqua fortis) – HNO₃
• Nitromethane (nitro) – CH₃NO₂
• Potassium chlorate – KClO₃
• Potassium nitrate (saltpetre) – KNO₃
• Potassium perchlorate – KClO₄
• Sodium chlorate – NaClO₃
• Sodium nitrate – NaNO₃
• Sodium perchlorate – NaClO₄
• Sulphuric acid (oil of vitriol) – H₂SO₄
• Hazardous materials banned by a selected delivery provider (Sellers should check with them before listing an item)

Also note:
If the material can be sent by standard postage services and is not prohibited by local laws or regulations, then it can be listed.
If hazardous materials have specific postage restrictions required by the delivery provider, these must be outlined in the item description.
All hazardous chemicals (substances and mixtures) must be classified, labelled and packaged according to the CLP Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008. Sellers are required to display the product’s hazard pictogram, statement and signal word within the listing.
You can find important information about regulations concerning some of the hazardous materials mentioned in this policy in the Home Office’s guidance on supplying explosives precursors and poisons.

Human Body Parts Policy
We don’t allow the sale of human bodies, body parts, or products made from the human body on

Illegal Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia Policy
The sale of prohibited drugs and drug paraphernalia violates state, federal, and international law, so it’s forbidden on
The following items are not allowed to be listed on
• Narcotics, steroids, and other controlled substances (as classified by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 (UK))
• Narcotics, steroids, and other controlled substances (as classified by the Misuse of Drugs Acts 1977, 1984, and 2015, and the Criminal Justice (Psychoactive Substances) Act 2010)
• Items that claim to provide a “legal high”
• Pipes, or any item marketed as for use with marijuana or illegal drugs
• Tobacco pipes, and other smoking accessories not intended for drug use, are allowed
• Vaporizers intended to be used with alcohol, marijuana, or illegal substances

Intangible Items Policy
Intangible items or anything a buyer can’t confirm that they’ve received are not allowed.
All listings and products on must offer a physical, tangible item. Listings and products that can be confusing for customers and can increase the risk of fraud.
Intangible items or things that buyers can’t confirm that they’ve received are not allowed.

For example:
• A ghost in a jar
• Someone’s soul
• Spells or haunted items

Jewellery, Gold & Precious Gems Policy
The sale of any personal ornaments, such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets, that are typically made from or contain jewels, precious metals or gemstones is not allowed on .

Knife Policy
We take our role in community safety seriously, and in accordance with government regulations and international laws, we prohibit the sale of certain knives on our site.

The following or similar types of knives aren’t allowed:
• Automatic knives
• Butterfly knives
• Dual-action knives
• Gravity knives
• Out-the-front knives
• Paratrooper knives
• Push knives
• Switchblade knives
• Sword canes
• Spring-assisted knives where there is no manual movement by a thumb stud or screw clearly visible on the blade
• Hidden or disguised knives such as writing pen knives or belt buckle knives

Sellers are responsible for checking that their transactions are lawful in the buyer’s country, as well as in their own. requires that all third-party sellers on our marketplace comply with the law on the sale of knives, including clearly listing products as for over 18s and requiring age verification on delivery. Those who do not are subject to action including potential suspension.

An age-restricted bladed article should not be delivered, nor arrangements made to deliver it, to a locker (for example, the type where the consumer would be given an access code to open the locker and collect the product). This is because it would not be possible to verify the age of the person collecting the item from a locker.

It is an offence to market a knife and also an offence to publish marketing material in relation to a knife.

There are some products that are unlikely to fall under the definition of a bladed product and can be delivered to residential premises (though the age of the person they are handed to still needs to be checked):
• cutlery knives (not sharply pointed steak knives)
• utility knives with small cutting blades
• small cheese knives
• snap off cutters
• pizza cutters

Laser Policy
Laser products are not allowed on

Live Animals Policy
Sellers cannot list the following live animals:
• Live bait (minnows, shiners, earthworms, and mealworms)
• Composting worms
• Live or used as bait or feeder food for pets
• Pets and other live animals are not allowed.

Lockpicking Devices Policy
Lockpicking or locksmithing devices are not allowed. Some examples include:
• Bump keys
• Slim jims
• Devices to make or duplicate keys
• Devices designed to pick a lock
• Code-grabbing devices

“Made in…” Policy
Any product you describe or label as “Made in country name” must have been made completely or mostly made in the country mentioned.
For “Made in Italy” the product must have been manufactured and packed in Italy.

Materials Encouraging Illegal Activity Policy
Encouraging or enabling illegal activity is not allowed.
We don’t allow our members to use to encourage or enable others to engage in illegal activity.
Items or information that might enable or encourage illegal activity are not allowed. Examples include:
• Kill switch-activated electronic devices, including smartphones and tablets
• Items that can enable illegal activity, such as:
• Pill presses
• Blank rain checks
• Selling Royal Mail shipping materials
• Products designed to fake the results of drug tests
• Information on how to use or make illegal drugs, bombs, or explosives
• Lockpicking tutorials

Medical Devices and Accessories Policy
Some medical devices can’t be sold on Those that are allowed must be UKCA/CE marked by the manufacturer.
It’s important to check that items can be sold on before they are listed.
Medical devices supplied on the UK market must meet the requirements of the Medical Devices Regulations 2002.
Medical devices must be registered with the MHRA and must be UKCA/CE marked in order to be supplied on the UK market. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure that the products they supply onto the market are validly UKCA/CE marked.

The following are not allowed:
• Any medical devices that do not have a UKCA/CE mark and/or that have passed their expiration date
• Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines (CPAP)
• Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) units
• Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS), and any accessories
• Oxygen concentrators, compressors, or conservers, and any accessories
• Nebulizers and their accessories
• Pulse oximeters
• Implantable devices, such as pacemakers, heart valves, vascular grafts, ventricular bypass devices, and implantable infusion pumps
• Pumps and ancillary items for the administration of enteral tube feeds
• Contact lenses (including “zero powered” or cosmetic lenses)
• Needles, with or without a disposable syringe
• Vintage or collectible medical devices

The following information must be displayed in the item description:
• If applicable, UKCA/CE mark and the number of the Approved Body or Notified Body displayed on the device, which relates to the notified body which has issued the UKCA/CE certificate
• Whether the device is sterile or non-sterile, and if sterile, the method of sterilization
• If applicable, that the device is an In-Vitro Diagnostic device (IVD)
• Hearing aids may only be listed by sellers properly registered with the Health & Care Professions Council, and their registration number must be displayed in the listing

Military Items Policy
The following or similar items are not allowed:

Ordnance, military weaponry (such as grenades and landmines), ammunition and related parts, and most military vehicles including aircraft and ships, even if it has been made “unserviceable” or has been “de-militarised” or “de-milled”
Articles or services specifically designed, developed, configured, adapted or modified for a military application.

Examples of items not allowed on include night vision goggles, body armour, technical data manuals, gas masks, and protective clothing which have significant military or intelligence applicability.

Music and DVD Policy
The sale of music, DVD or related items is strictly prohibited on .

Native American Product Policy
You must not use the terms “Native American* or “Indian”, or the name of an Indian tribe, if it incorrectly implies that the product is an Indian product, or is made by a tribal member or an Indian artisan.

Offensive Materials Policy
Listings that promote or glorify hatred, violence, or discrimination aren’t allowed on .
In order to promote trust and respect among our diverse community of members, does not allow items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, discrimination or intolerance based on the characteristics listed below or promote organizations that hold such views.
Listings that promote, perpetuate or glorify hatred, violence, or discrimination, including on the grounds of race, ethnicity, colour, religion, disability, national origin, sex, gender and gender identity, or sexual orientation, aren’t allowed. This includes but is not limited to the following:
• Slurs or epithets of any kind
• Slavery items, including reproductions, such as tags, shackles, documents, bills of sale, etc.
• Items with racist, anti-Semitic, or otherwise demeaning portrayals, for example through caricatures or other exaggerated features, including figurines, cartoons, housewares, historical advertisements, and golliwogs
• Black Americana items that are discriminatory
• Confederate battle flag and related items with its image
• Historical Holocaust-related and Nazi-related items, including reproductions
• Any item that is anti-Semitic or any item from after 1933 that bears a swastika
• Media identified as Nazi propaganda
• Listings that imply or promote support of, membership in, or funding of a terrorist organization

The following items may be listed:
• Media such as historical photos, magazines, books and art, provided that such material doesn’t perpetuate or glorify violence, intolerance or racial stereotyping
• Items related to the Civil Rights Movement

Perfume Policy
Perfume and cosmetics are not allowed for sale on

Personal Information Policy
Selling private information, social media items, and software or tools that send unsolicited contacts are not allowed on
We don’t allow the following to be sold on
• Personal contact information such as phone numbers, email lists and addresses
• Social security numbers or similar sensitive information
• Accounts that require users to send passwords (for example, to sell access to the next level of social media games)
• Social media items such as “accounts”, “likes”, “followers”, or “subscribers”
• Software or tools used to send unsolicited contacts, such as text messages or email (spam), or to harvest contact details

Plants and Seeds Policy
Plants or seeds prohibited by government or postage regulations are not allowed.
Most plants and seeds can be listed as long as they’re allowed in the location the seller is posting to, but there are exceptions, including some seeds and noxious weeds.
Endangered plants are not allowed
For all other plants or seeds, sellers should check with the following resources to determine if an item is restricted or prohibited:
APHA website (UK)
Department of Agriculture and Food (Ireland)

Police-Related Items Policy
Police and emergency response uniforms, equipment, or accessories can’t be sold on .
To help prevent impersonation, we don’t allow certain police or emergency service-related items to be listed for sale.
The following items can’t be listed for sale on
• Law enforcement and other government-issued uniforms, badges, or accessories, such as hats, jackets, or shirts, or replicas of these items
• Official emergency lighting systems or sirens, including lenses or LEDs for these systems
• Uniforms, military items, clothing, identity cards, decorations, awards or flags, which are not promotional items of Red Cross, Red Crescent or Red Crystal organisations and which contain the Red Cross, Red Crescent or Red Crystal emblems.

Postage Meters Policy
The selling of postage meters is prohibited on

Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drugs Policy
Prescription drugs, or drugs containing prescription strength medication, are not allowed for sale on .

Protecting Minors Policy
We don’t allow listings that include images or descriptions of minors (anyone under 18) in a compromising situation, even when the listing is not intended to be sexual in nature. In images, minors must be fully clothed. may use broad discretion when removing items that depict minors.
We don’t allow listings with the following or similar items or descriptions:
• Images of minors who are not fully clothed
• Images of minors where the item description is based on their clothing
• Modelling photos of minors, even when the subject is fully clothed
• Listings that include the words “child”, “children”, “young girls”, or “young boys” to describe an item containing nudity or sexual situations, even when the subject or performers are at least 18 years old, or the words are part of the product title
• Listings that include the words “teen”, “teens”, “teenager”, or “Lolita” in a sexual context, without indicating that the subject or performers are at least 18 years old
• Listings for minor anime, such as Shota-con, Lolicon, and similar or related items

Recalled Items Policy
A product that has been recalled from trade by the manufacturer and has been identified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as “dangerous” is prohibited on

Recycling Electronics Policy
We don’t allow the used and recycling electronics to be sold on

Refrigerants: Ozone-Depleting Substances and Substitutes Policy
We don’t allow the sale of Ozone-Depleting Substances and Substitutes

Replacement Water Filters for Refrigerators Policy
You must make sure replacement water filters for refrigerators are certified to NSF/ANSI 42 or higher standards, such as NSF/ANSI-53 or NSF/ANSI-401 for Material Safety and Structural Integrity and meet at least one NSF/ANSI-42 reduction standard or be System Performance certified. This must be determined by an independent lab, accredited by the American National Standards Institute, such as NSF, WQA, or lAMPO. Reduction claims must be accurately displayed on the product detail page. See NSF Guidance on Residential Drinking Water Treatment Standards.

Replica, Toy and Prop Firearms Policy
In accordance with government regulations and international laws, certain imitation firearms can’t be sold on
The following items are not allowed:
• Realistic cap guns
• Replica firearms
• Paintball guns
• Replica blaster kits
• The following items are allowed:
• Miniature gun lighters, unless they appear to be full size

Services Policy
The sale or offer of services that are illegal or sexual, or violate our user agreement, are not allowed on
To ensure remains a safe and lawful marketplace, we don’t allow the sale or offer of services for personal or sexual relationships, advice, friendship on social media or traffic-drivers for websites.
The following services are not allowed:
Personal relationships, including in-person or online relationships
• Dating, sexual contact or escort services
• Offer to become “friends” or “followers” on social media sites
• Personal advice or coaching
• Website traffic-driving services
• Multi-level marketing programs
• Get rich quick schemes
• Religious or spiritual services
• Catering services
• UV tanning
• Tattooing and body branding products and services.

Slot Machines Policy
The sale, supply, installation, adaption, maintenance and repair of a gaming machine (also known as fruit or slot machine) is prohibited for selling.

Social Media and Reviews Manipulation Policy
Selling product reviews, social media likes, followers, and similar services, is not allowed.
Listings for the following types of items are not allowed:
• Social media likes, followers, shares, or any type of social media engagement
• Services to leave, manipulate or improve reviews about products or companies

Stamps Policy
Stamps, collectable stamps and replica stamps are not allowed for sale on

Stocks and Securities Policy
The sale of stocks and other security interests is regulated and, as such, are prohibited for selling on .

Stolen Property Policy
Stolen property from private individuals or property taken without authorisation from companies or government cannot be listed for sale. If you see stolen property on, please contact us and the local law enforcement immediately.

Strong Magnets and Magnet Sets Policy
Individual, novelty magnets and novelty magnet sets that are marketed or commonly used for entertainment, such as puzzle working, sculpture building, mental stimulation, or stress relief are prohibited for sale.

Subscriptions and Periodicals Policy
Subscriptions and Periodicals magazines is not allowed for sale on

Surveillance Equipment Policy
Surveillance equipment, bugs or secret recording devices is not illegal, but their use can be illegal, and so prohibits their sale.

Titles Policy
In order to comply with the Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act 1925, we don’t allow the sale of British titles on .

Tobacco and e-Cigarettes Policy
The sale of tobacco is highly regulated, and may cause harm to members, so we do not allow any items containing tobacco or nicotine, E-cigarettes and their accessories, herbal cigarettes or herbal tobacco, tobacco seeds, cigars to be listed.

Travel Policy
Travel services or holiday packages are strictly prohibited for sale on and that includes: aeroplane tickets, train tickets, travel certificates, vouchers and travel- related incentives, accommodation, cruises and packages travel.

Vehicle, Parts and Accessories Policy
The following types of listings are not allowed:
• Leased vehicles or offers to lease vehicles
• AutoCheck or Carfax reports
• Deployed or rebuilt airbags and airbag covers
• Recalled airbags
• Vehicle titles cannot be included when offering parts
• Products not following the Emissions control defeat devices policy
• Airbags and their parts or accessories may only be sold under the following conditions:
• End of life vehicles (ELVs) are motor vehicles categorized as waste. They must comply with regulations for end of life vehicles. Sellers must display the applicable environmental permit information to sell second-hand parts or used car parts:
• If you are dismantling or breaking ELVs, you must have and display the environmental permit number
• If you are not dismantling the vehicle yourself, you must display the environmental permit number of the site(s) where you source the vehicle part(s)
• Imported vehicles must be approved by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
• Catalytic converters must meet UK applicable standards and comply with approval requirements for the type of catalytic converter. Similar requirements apply to replacement catalytic converters
• Seat belts must be approved for use in the relevant type of vehicle and must display an approval mark
• Sellers of electric scooters or e-scooters must include the following disclaimer in the item description: “Warning: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads (except under very specific circumstances), pavements or cycle paths. They are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission”

Virtual Currency Policy
The sale of virtual currency is prohibited on .
The following are not allowed:
• Virtual currency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies
• Virtual currency mining contracts
• Virtual currency paper wallets

Vouchers Policy
The following types of vouchers are not allowed:
• Expired vouchers or vouchers that will expire before reaching the buyer
• Vouchers for “free” products
• Electronic “scanned” vouchers
• Vouchers for recalled items
• Voucher inserts containing other vouchers
• Up to 25 vouchers worth £100 in total can be listed and sold within a 30-day period

Watches Policy
Watches that can be sold on are only those designed for:
room in home, counter, wall hanging, office, school, kitchen.

The following watches are allowed but we might still restrict them:
• Wall
• Oversized Wall
• Mantel and Tabletop
• Maritime and Weather Station
• Alarm
• Grandfather
• Cuckoo
• Outdoor
• Floor
• Pendulum
• Digital
• Analog
• Roman Numerals
• Battery Powered
• Automatic Chime Shutoff

Any wristwatch and pocket watches are not allowed to be sold on

Weapons, Firearms and Accessory Policy
The following items are prohibited for sale in
• Lethal and non-lethal weapon, including air rifles, air guns, air pistols, airsoft rifles or airsoft guns, BB guns, pellet guns, mace, gun parts, black powder, bows and arrows, slingshots and other projectile weapons.
• Parts and accessories for assault weapons, including blueprints and instructions. Ammunition for airsoft, air rifles, air pistols, BB guns, pellet guns or pop guns, bullets, cartridges, casings, shells, and hulls, handgun safety certificates.
• Gun parts, including, but not limited to, barrels, firing pins, trigger assemblies, and gun magazines.
• Hand weapons such as: Brass knuckles in any form, leaded canes, nightsticks, nunchakus, or sansetsukons
• Throwing weapons that have 3 or more points or sharp edges
• Weapons such as: Blow or dart guns, flare guns, potato guns, tear gas, pepper spray, mace, stun guns, tasers, swords, crossbows, “Kusari gama”, “kyoketsu shoge”, “manrikigusari”, or “kusari”
• Any offensive weapon as defined by Section 141 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (UK) or the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act 1990 (Ireland) as these statutes may be amended from time to time.

Window Coverings Policy
Listings for window covering products must comply with the voluntary safety standards adopted by the Window Cavering Manufacturers Association. These include the Voluntary Standard for Safety of Exposed Cord Window Covering Products (ANSI/WCMA, A. 100.1).

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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