Scam & Fraud Protection

Helping you stay safe from fraud and scammers takes your security very seriously. Your payment option is encrypted during transmission. Please be assured that your address information is safe with us and will be use only in accordance with our privacy and cookie policy to provide and improve our services to you.

Here are some ways you can spot fraud and keep your business safe:
Fraudsters are experts at sending communications which look real. They do this to get sensitive information from you to run their scams. They may already have some information about your account and the payments you make. Cyber-attacks can take many shapes and the most common one is phishing.
Phishing occurs when an attacker contacts a target posing as a legitimate company or service and attempts typically prompt the target to give up personal information, download malware or even visit a dangerous website that could harm their computer.
If you’re called or contacted online by someone saying they’re from, always check it’s us before you do anything else, by contacting us using details from a trusted source, like our app or website.

Be aware of telephone scams may contact you to discuss your orders, but we will never call and ask you to give us a one-time passcode, password, PIN, card details or login details. Never click on a link or download software on to your computer, as you may be giving a scammer control of your computer. Links in our emails will only take you to pages containing information about products, services or partners. If such a page is part of another company’s website, that company’s terms, conditions and privacy policies will apply.

Be alert to scam emails and texts
If you get an email or text message which you weren’t expecting, be careful, even if it looks like it’s been sent from someone you trust. Fraudsters are also using texts and email addresses, which could look genuine. Make sure you read these in full, think about what they’re asking from you and verify their authenticity using details you find in independent search, rather than details they give you.

Email & SMS from couriers 
The couriers that we work with have their own security & fraud policies to help keep you safe from phishing/smishing attempts from fraudsters. Please take some time to visit and read their policies to know what to expect from them.

Always verify orders directly with will not call, text, or email you about an order you aren’t expecting, and ask you to urgently confirm the purchase. Always verify orders directly with

Never pay over the phone will not ask you to provide payment information, including gift cards for products or services over the phone.

Installing apps and software
Be careful installing apps and software: will not ask you to install or downland any software.

Report it to us
If you receive communication, a call, text, or email that you think may not be from, please report it to us.

Fraud Prevention Tips and Tricks!
– Use strong passwords. strongly encourage all its users to have in place strong passwords and update them regularly. A strong password uses more than 10 characters with letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and symbols, and includes no obvious personal information or common words.
– Keep cards and personal details safe.
– Use VPN’s and avoid public WIFi.
– Use antivirus software.
– When in doubt, don’t click.
– If any of your information is compromised, contact the reporting authorities and your bank from a trusted source.

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