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With Promoted Listings you can spotlight your listings in prominent locations across platform and give them a visibility boost.
You can promote:
• your products
• your store

Promotions and coupons
Customers are looking to save money when shopping and they are more likely to make the purchase when a good deal is offered.
There are many other ways you can promote your products:
• percentage discount
• money-off discounts
• free shipping
• buy one get one free

We know the importance of your brand to be noticed by your customers. That’s why here at we offer the best prices so your products get noticed.
Consider using Sponsored Products for product visibility, new offers, unique selections, offers with low-glance views, clearance items, and seasonal promotions.
When you spend £100 on featured products, as well as a welcome bonus, for selected new vendors, their store will be featured across the platform for 1 month for free.

What are the costs to advertise my products on

50 products
10 days
£1.45 x day

How do I Advertise my products and my store?

Purchasing an advertisement requires your “Product” status to be Published.
Vendors need to click on the advertising logo of the selected product. They will get a pop-up where they will see the details like purchase fee, number of slots available and the expiry date. They need to click on the OK button to finish purchasing.
After they click on the OK button the advertisement will be added to their cart. They will be redirected to the checkout page.
Vendors can pay through any of the selected payment gateway.
The advertisement will be added to the vendors selected product.

If the vendors want, they can purchase advertisment from the “Edit Product” page. Scroll down and there they will find the option to purchase advertisment with all the details.

To advertise the store, the vendors are required to purchase the “Advertise my Store” option which will then automatically feature the vendor’s store across platform for the selected period of time.

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