Bailong Tin-on-Tin Stainless Steel Weighted Cocktail Shaker 85cl


• Weight 0.389kg
• Height 17.5cm
• Diameter 9.6cm

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This tin on tin shaker is made with a classic Asian shape giving a slightly heavier, more robust shaker. Made with our standard high level of quality steel and featuring laser welded caps on the base of the two tins
  • Dual tin cocktail shaker with Bailong, Dragon style imagery
  • Features Japanese Lucky Coins on the base
  • Etched patterns with food safe ink
  • Made from premium 18/8 Japanese steel for greater corrosion resistance
  • Weighted base on each tin for increased rigidity
  • Outlasts standard poor-grade steel shakers
  • Polished finish

We advise customers that stainless steel is not completely ‘rust-proof’ – it will resist rusting but if left in contact with water for long periods it will start to corrode – so please ensure each evening that you wash up and dry your equipment. Do not leave sitting on wet surfaces overnight or it will rust.

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