Sustainability practices for a better future

Working in a bar, a very important ingredient to consider is the concept of Sustainability, an aspect that focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs and this concept is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social.

nsplsh 556c687142646a36656351~mv2Environment sustainability
Say stop to plastic!
No more plastic vacuum bag. Silicone reusable vacuum bag instead.
Reuse is also sustainable! Don’t throw away your juice.
Instead use pickling for your pineapple, mandarin, or other juices to create exceptional alternatives to the classic citrus acidity.
No more clingfilm. There are myriads of alternatives to it.
No ore plastic straw. Use metal, glass, or paper as alternatives.
Being sustainable means also to homegrown your celery, basil, and turmeric. So easy to do so.
Waste is a resource. Create a delicious husk cordial with the leftover citrus.
Reduce paper and postage and go technological.
Using local ingredients to help to promote the local farmers. Just buy locally your celery, tomatoes, strawberries.
Keep in mind that sustainability goes hand in hand with seasonality.
As well as being a source of quality food, farmers’ markets are good for the environment. Everything is produced locally, cutting down on food miles, so less road for the camion to reach your bar. And less road means less pollution. And less pollution means a better world.
Minimize the amount of electricity you use by turning off lights when you leave a room. So simple and very effective on your electricity bill too.
Create a coaster using the leftover corks or husks. They are fancy and last forever (almost).

Economic sustainability
Sustainable is also from an economic and social point of view: fighting poverty, better education, are just two simple examples.

Social sustainability
Promoting wellbeing. We know that we are working in an environment that requires immense physical and psychological effort. Look after yourself by practicing regular sports activities.
Common goal: end hunger, achieve food security, and improved nutrition.
Seems more an aspect of the past in the bar industry: gender discrimination, but sadly there are still happening similar episodes worldwide. Surely, we can fight this!
Do not throw your clothes away! Donate! Do not throw your books away! Resell!
When was your last time you have done some social work? Such as working with a local farmer. And of course, for free!
The goal of sustainable development is to meet the needs of today, without compromising the needs of tomorrow. This means we cannot continue using current levels of resources as this will not leave enough for future generations. Stabilizing and reducing carbon emissions is key to living within environmental limits.
Definitely, the next aspect is something that we can control much better: alcohol abuse. It also means sustainability.

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