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Hickory Wood Chips For Smoking – 75gr

SKU: TLD00400

Product Description
High-quality hickory woodchips (not shavings or sawdust) mixed with a range of spices for use with hot smokers, stovetop smokers and handheld smokers.

Weight 75g


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High-quality hickory wood chips (not shavings or sawdust)  for use with hot smokers, stovetop smokers and handheld smokers.

Hickory wood chips are far superior to wood shavings which burn poorly because of the flat shape of a shaving compared to the more square shape of wood chips – ie they allow air to draw past them. This is especially important for handheld smokers because shavings can block the wire screen and cause the handheld smoker to over-heat. The other problem with shavings is that because they are waste from saw mills (often swept from the floor) they can have other materials mixed with them.

Chemical free and ground to a consistency that gently smoulders when ignited – so a little goes a long way! These smoking chips can also be used on the BBQ to flavour food – simply sprinkle onto coals just before cooking the food or near the end of the cooking time.
Sourced from PEFC-certified sustainable sources in the UK, US and Europe only. Guaranteed food-grade quality.

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