Mid Century Glass Cocktail Shaker, Czechoslovakia, 1960s


Product information
• Volume 550ml
• Diameter 65mm
• Height 225mm
• Weight 535gr
• Manufacturer unbranded
• Condition used
• This item is not refundable
• Origin Czechoslovachia

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This three pieces Vintage Mid Century Glass Cocktail Shaker dates from 1960s from Czechoslovakia.
It has an built-in strainer that lets you separate your creative, chilled cocktails from the ice without an additional tool.

Please note: This item is not brand new and as with all antique, vintage and/or unique rare items, this has been used. Used items often receive much love from their previous owners resulting in much wear and tear. Please consider carefully before purchasing if condition is of the utmost importance to you.

Condition: This item remains fully functional, and it shows sign of age through scuffs, dings, faded finishes. Perfect for making drinks and/or as a collectable shaker.


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